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Holly Madison’s Food Quest, Part 1: Halloween Treats

I recently spent a week at Disneyland for a family reunion and found several delicious seasonal treats during my time there. If you are headed to the park within the next week, here are my recommendations on what to grab before they are gone!

Holly Madison - Cheesecake

Sally Skellington Cheesecake

I love Sally and The Nightmare Before Christmas! This is my favorite cheesecake in the park, not just because of Sally and how cute the whole confection is, but for the flavors. The cake is composed of an Oreo cookie crust with a chocolate base, cheesecake and buttercream cake frosting on top. Raspberry sauce is included on the dish as well. Sally can be found at The French Market in New Orleans Square.

Holly Madison Halloween Treats

Photo Courtesy of @EATDISNEYLAND

Poison Apple Mug 

This is one of my favorite Disney souvenirs. Based on the Wicked Queen’s poison apple in Snow White, this adorable stein is available several places in the park-New Orleans Square, with fruit in Frontierland and with a frozen drink at Maurice’s Treats in Fantasy Faire. You can also get a glowing “poison apple” in an apple martini at Carthay Circle-it’s the perfect size for your kids to add to their doll props collection.


Chewie Cheesecake

This is simply a classic cheesecake (I like the Sally cookie and cream cheesecake better), but isn’t it adorable? I love the frosting “hair”. Chewie Cheescake is available at Pizza Port in Tomorrowland.

Holly Madison Halloween

Honey Bee Lemonade

The Honey Bee lemonade was introduced at the Hungry Bear Restaurant as a part of the 60th anniversary celebration last year, so it’s unclear if they will keep it much longer. It is one of my favorite refreshing drinks at the park-a pink ice blended lemonade served with a honey stick to add flavor. Grab one while you can at The Hungry Bear in Critter Country.

Holly Madison Halloween

Cotton Candy Cocktail

This is an off-the-menu favorite of park aficionados. The cotton candy flavored cocktail is available at The Cove Bar in California Adventure. You can order it virgin or with your choice of alcohol. It is delightfully sweet, goes well with the Bar’s famous Lobster Nachos and is quite Instagram worthy.

What is your favorite Disney or Halloween treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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