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Though a successful career woman, philanthropist and well-loved celebrity, Holly Madison considers herself first and foremost a writer and mother at heart. Holly is most widely recognized for her appearance in the E! hit television show, The Girls Next Door, which enabled her to write her most recent New York Times best-selling memoir, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.

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  • Reply Sharyn (Bunny Shari) Bellah August 19, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Holly dear, I read your first book 10 times. And here is why; when I entered High School (Rio Americano, Barbie Benton’s alma mater); people started touting me as the next “Barbie Benton”. So I took a peek at her recent pictorial (early 1970’s). I was modeling at the time and my Mother was certainly not opposed to me posing nude. I was working with a photog who “sent my pictures to Playboy”. Hef was a nice looking older man at that time and I would joke about displacing Barbie (as if I could! lol). Shortly thereafter, my photog died tragically. By then, I knew my pics had been “misplaced” and my pictorial was never going to happen. I worked briefly as a Bunny before the clubs completely closed. Even met Hef as he ran thru the club giving us all little ankle bracelets with a bunny head set in onyx hanging from it. (I lost mine! :() But I always wondered what life would have been like had I been pushier. I COULD have popped over to Barbie’s with some cookies when she was in town, offer to drive her to the airport, i.e. bugged the stuffing out of her till I got an invite down to the Mansion. But I’m not that type. (Again, sad face :() So I have wondered since if I could have made it…….

    After reading your book. I wouldn’t have wanted to! I remember the few words he spoke in my presence were a bit condescending and from your book, I see he talks down to all women (even women with more intelligence and schooling such as you and Bridgett). The biz would have eaten me alive!

    So not only were you a Cautionary Tale, but you were also a Thank God, It Was All A Dream Tale. Keep writing, keep doing, keep loving, and keep being Holly!!

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