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Who doesn’t love a good app that can genuinely make your life easier? Besides the obvious favorites (Waze, Postmates, Uber, etc.), here are a few of my app obsessions:

♥ Instacart: Who wants to leave the house to shop for groceries? Not me! Especially in traffic clogged Los Angeles, I try to keep my errand running to a minimum. I can pick out all my favorite foods with this easy to use app and have them delivered to my door within an hour. Of course there is a service charge and you will want to tip the shopper/driver (tipping is done in-app), but even with those added costs I find myself spending less when I use Instacart because I am only ordering the things on my grocery list as opposed to browsing all over the store picking up things I don’t need.Holly Madison App Obsessions♥ FirstLook: FirstLook carries all the photos from WireImage made post-able for Instagram. It’s a great way to find photos of yourself or others from events covered by WireImage.

♥ CVS and RiteAid Apps: online shopping, prescription refill and free curbside pickup are a
few of the things a drugstore app can offer.

AstrologyZone: Okay, this one might not be for everyone, but I am obsessed with astrology lately and Susan Miller is the best. I literally check this one every day.

♥ 7min: This workout app walks you through a quick and effective seven-minute workout. I am the first person to admit I’m not the biggest fan of working out and often don’t have time for it, so I find this one useful.

What are your favorite apps? Comment to let me know what I’m missing!

Holly Madison

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